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    Art & Ecology

No need to run away.
Flight cancelled.
Persuasion machine silenced. Ignored.
Fingers knotted.
Here's alright.
Links in chains.
Not wanted.
A familiar voice whispers.
The air smells good.
Back to the start.
Waves that crash on the shore.

  what is success

chatter, antiphony, barely discerned


      Psyche (But for spite redeemed)

A haze hangs over town. The circle bus seat windows reflect the vast expanse of the jagged skyline. What are all those buildings for? Where are we going?

        Ecology Masks in Time
     estuary figures - pen ink and charcoal - on pumice primed card - 48 x 24cm

The greatest surveillance vigilance must be on those who have their digits on the buttons and levers of insidious power.

Hydraulic Fracturing Licences - Fresh Round - Issues.
'Just look at them curved hills and moist valleys,
waiting for our stiff pipes and tubing.'
'What you on.' 'Let's ge on wi' it.'
Here is Professor Zang from Camshaft Uni.
'This is an objective view, vis subjective action.
Satisfying immediate needs, vith little concern for long term consequences. So, ve are all deed.'  
Thanks for that Zang and also to the Powers that still Bees.
'Thank you for the Revenue and Customs too.'
Now, here comes a Whiter Shade of Pale and the Hip Hop Crew - sample Montagues and Capulets.
Machine beat repeat last line chorus.
'Unless we take action now. Unless we take action now.'
Hold hands, in a circle, round and round.
We all fall down.

How to be released from 6000 years of industrial destruction, desecration and decay? Little by little, bit by bit. Our hands reveal the past, the legacy can be reclaimed, and healed. There is nothing more urgent, important or necessary. Better than words of hatred any day. The swallows are nesting, soon they'll leave.

Alice meets the Red Queen, in Wonderland, musing
     The Red Queen

pristine ocean no more - marine world pounding
 Pristine ocean no more        

Deep Water. Horizons. Plumes slowly dissipate. Sulphur dissolves. Cells respond accordingly.
Deep Water. Horizons.

Conversations with Pooh and Piglet - Before FlyingFlying Thought

The bunker was deserted, the animals found.
The bunker was deserted,
the animals found.
 handmade artbooks art books

Art Book Extract -poem 'Descending'
coming up for air                
coming up for air                 

clouds above scudding - birds 'n fishes - poem - world ecological forum
                               birds 'n fishes

                       art futures
wayside violet  Spring violet wayside flower    insect

slide sequence - wing beat

互聯 Interconnected
互聯 Interconnected

The hare was road kill, so this isn't a fast car, it's a snail, or maybe a tortoise.

 from obscure darkness

Bowland Revealed - School Art workshop - looking back looking forward collage (4)
School Art workshop

School is poison!  Conceptual.
Respect to life shared.
To elders, mothers and fathers, who can't be, for the time being.
Peer to Peer.
Fast track graduates. Long hours, no holidays. Woodland walks unnecessary. Promoting instability, deliberately. Boosting demand for pharmaceutical industries.

May. Late Autumn. The  Korora arrive  from Southern oceans to prepare beachside nesting grounds. Kuakas calling across the Sound. Moas a distant memory.

Cop Out.
Groups of people occupy motorway carriageways.
Banners waving, courageous. Celebrate, marching.
Jubilant, turn highways into bye-ways for a day.
Truck driver on the entry slip road, angry, missing the best part of life, 'but I need to make a living, to survive.'
Accelerates, scattering crowds.
So, some are no longer around.
Trucker serves time, solitary confinement, isolated.
Soon be out, for good behavior released.
On a mission, delivering containers to the contained.
Thorny issues, broken landscapes, troubled minds.

Ecology Economy Deficit
alarm bell curves.

Innocence and Experience.
Castle grounds backdrop.
Robber Barons and The Rubber Band manoeuvre.
Fine tune financial and musical instruments', casting spells.
Apparitions projected.
King's ghostly presence across the stage gliding.
A rhythmic beat.
Enchanters mesmerise, charm.
Snare and kettle drums in unison pound.

Ritual ceremonies practiced.
Light show, spotlight encounters.
Night sky occluded.
Camera crew present scan screen stars.
Panning out from the performance, drawing away from the crowds.
A hot desert location.
Cloudless sky.
Beneath the firmament.
Stone moss in blistering heat gathered.
Tinder dry.
Air, seas, soil.
Rivers, sunlight, clouds.

grassroots, seachange.
Feel the pulse.

As the tide rises

Physical scars may heal. Psychological ones persist in the soil, getting older.
Shifting baselines.

hot desert location - cloudless sky
hot desert location - cloudless sky

Act V (Costume).
Cleaning isles, detritus disposed, discarded.
Running repairs. Programme notes. Read between acts.
Gratefully acknowledge behind the scene partners, diligently revealed.
Evoked, promoted, conjured from obscure darkness, hidden in wings.
Ghosts gliding, translucent, glowing, golden; a generation gelded.

Act VI (Review).
Frame by frame an internal forensic team examine platform stages.

Examine fragile relationships, search for clues. Tragic events unfold.
Investigate evidence, eclipse devices.
Ecology defined.
Storm clouds,
rocks, island shore.  Street performance.

Poem - Ecological Forum - wayside branch    ecological forum - many and the few - pumpkin seeds, ink and watercolour

Ecological diversity evolved in relative environmental stability. Industrial intensification disrupts, accelerates instability. Degrades the natural order.
Acts of Enclosure. Exposure, seasons and change. Automobile closure. Insulated. Acid rain. Plastic oceans, tree limb amputation, desertification. Constriction, fast cut edited. Confirm, relay, affirm. Spatial awareness, limitations. Stifling, concentrated. Oak buds open, turtles return, cardamom flowers. Stars, constellations. Consolation. 

Banking Nature

As demand for timber diminished, so forests returned.
A lengthy, slow process, almost imperceptible.
And painful for some, like coming up for air from the depths,
avoiding blood stream nitrogen bubbles dissolved.
The laughter that echoed was genuine
and howler monkeys in the canopy agreed.

Dominion eluded.
Anthropocene strata will tell.

Feeding the Line.
Beware the proffered bag of neologisms.
Enticing the elderly and vulnerable.
lunar eclipse - 270915 eclipsed

Origins and Ghosts in Pockets Forming.

flimsy craft art-world passengers gulp (approaching a plate boundary fault line)
flimsy craft art-world passengers gulp
(approaching a plate boundary fault line)

figure - tumbling and falling - artwork


MMU School of Art
2015 Degree show reflection
Built on the site of cotton mills.
Jenny spinning.

Whitworth Gallery Reflection

Michel Faber's, The Book of Strange New Things. Love and Loss. Alien Innocence. Corporate Allure. Really gets under the skin.
And other animal impressions.

Tate Merseyside reflection tug pool

A familiar voice singing.
Rain fall.
Mechanised cadence recedes.

cornish light penlee reflection
abbot hall reflection
dancing time

figures meeting - artwork

figures over and under motorway carriageway- artwork

Fisherfolk treated the Yangtze river dolphin as a protective symbol.
Natural habits lost in a haze.

Landscape Setting.
Paddling, flimsy craft, approaching a plate boundary fault line, art-world passengers gulp, hearts racing, shielding their eyes. Plummet precipitously over a spray licked, innundated escarpment to icy melt waters below. The earth's curved horizon stretches out before them. Skin thin atmosphere. Gasping for breath.

Swooping low on lakes and rivers, to farmhouse eaves, gathering swallows nest. Festival dreams in streams drawn, stumbling across fields and shaded trees, to crucked roof tithe barn rehearsals. Drums improvise, a driving beat recalled. Traditional garb, toasted politely, welcomed, imbibed. Expectation rises, endorsements, glances exchanged. Notice released, pastoral performance. Scripted, choreographed, recorded. Frenzied terminal phase, in destruction and grief relayed. Cascading showers, branches sway, discarded burdens, leaves torn, flooded trenches spill. Damage assessed, assigned. Fantasy explodes, expires. Flags of allegiance lowered. Dispersal. The parody moves on, with a raised finger and an obliging wave of the hand.

Follow me on
  dreams in streams drawn
 'dreams in streams drawn'


Crude oil distillation.
Justice's rusty wheels creaking.
Seascape fantasy.
Love deprived.
Nature's shark loan.
Pied piper dream.
Control tower, waste land.
Crowds gather.
Murmurations in flight.
Evening migration flocks
return to moss, mud and down.

Piped aboard.


Creative Commons Licence
Robert J & Christine Maria Coleman 2016

And the people that were already there realised.
Justice developed.
Significant knowledge,
understanding and power.
Information exchanged, received. 
Rich and now they recognised,
the evidence was there to see.

Rhythms and ways passed on in stories,
generation to generation.
Those at a distance met, investigated,
told tales
of how ancestors hunted together.
Provision, harvest and seasons recalled.

Coleridge's Rime - from poem descending  nor any drop to drink

Sequestrated weapons returned to earth.
Metals, organic matter, fuel restored.
Distilled imagination released.
Tar, coal and oil to shells recycled,
to autumn composts reversed.
Circuits, grid patterns in mycelium clusters decline.
Plastic organics remain imbedded, volatile.
Screen mists in waterfall cascades eroding.
Wings in migration beating as one.
Whales and dolphin pods answer the call.
Coral colony fronds respond in kind.
Slates and chalks recorded.

Rift valley footprints traced.
Bridged a divide.
Conversations ebb to silence.
Seen in their eyes. 
Rhythm  - slide sequence

     commodities and geographies
             commodities and geographies

paper and birch bark bowl - bird and flower motif  handmade paper vases and bowls

against the flow of machine city minds

Lancaster Streets
Saturday Afternoon.

In the Stream.
Views reflected, questioned.
Art lives in time.
Still valued, in demand.
Past endeavours remain, endure.
Etched on our minds.
Now, machine energy intensive. Consumption of goods and services, embroiled, financed.
Metaphors mixed and shaken.
A cacophony of sound.
Peaceful quiet interludes, diminished.
Movements and moments.
Lost in space and time

creative geographies room for views & myths.

Dead Buildings Living Earth.

Renewables,  nuclear - energy consumption methadone.
Recycling myths deployed.
Flip sides coined.
A cult circle known.

Internet - rehab.




There is a world of difference between questioning illusions and maintaining the delusory.