Art & Ecology
Soundings & Surroundings

Squalls and storms.
Patience and Endurance.
Do the rounds.
Navigation lights swaying.
Good ship.
Hospice Earth.

eastwards moving, turning round
 eastwards moving

Tipping Point - red tapechatter, antiphony, barely discernedwhat is success

fashion house waifs

Footsteps retraced to the source.
Breaking down and crying for all we are worth.
Unheard in the great migration.
A billion life stories in motion.
Road traffic reports. Conversations snatched
by accident.
Stranger across a
crowded room.

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                          We are other
exchanging dances  The white noise you hear
is sea cogs turning

                                                 Ecology Masks in Time
                                                 estuary figures - pen ink and charcoal - on pumice primed card - 48 x 24cm

Wonderous, teeming life on earth evolved.
Our hands reveal the past.

Electric vehicles find a way.
Pollution convoluted
to excuse and measure.
Extinguish exhaust emissions.
Devious watt.
Magnetic attraction.

current flowing


  Alice meets the Red Queen, in Wonderland, musing pristine ocean no more - marine world pounding


  psyche - women's chorus the bunker was deserted the animals found 


           Conversations with Pooh and Piglet - Before Flying 

 handmade artbooks
        Art Book Extracts
In the need to escape
from who we are,
we are destroying
what we have become

    clouds above scudding - birds 'n fishes - poem - world ecological forum
                          birds 'n fishes   

                     art futures


hard edges - soft spaces

facades easy virtue - illustration - emblematic statuary inflamed

 facades easy virtue

No man is a British Tax Haven entire of itself.
sky and oceans.

Relationship Referenda
'You always kill the things you love.' The Brexiteers.

September. Lowlands spring stirs.  Little Spotted Kiwi, few.
Kokako, not so many, haunting song. Southern Ocean Albatross glides. Smog hangs in the air,clinging. Across the Sound Kuakas mew.
Moas a distant memory now.
 Ice sheets creak.
Isolated, vulnerable.

Ancient memory fuel storage.
Faustian pact trades traced.
Molecular hydrocarbon
combustion procured.
Capsule or oral release.
Nitrogen dioxide,
Lung, soft tissue direct.
Free delivery.
Remote disclaimer attached.
Fossils remain.
Vanities intention fades
and dies.
Along with the name.

On a mission, delivering containers to the contained.

Innocence & Experience.
Castle grounds backdrop.
Robber Barons and The Rubber Band manoeuvre.
Fine tune financial and musical instruments', casting spells.
Apparitions projected.
King's ghostly presence across the stage gliding.
A rhythmic beat.
Enchanters mesmerise, charm.
Snare and kettle drums in unison pound.

all at sea - taking bearings

                         rooms for thought     
If we are to pursue the next generation's round of obliteration it is essential to nurture a benign indifference to the natural.
Schooled in the dark arts.
Supernatural Potterisation.
Industrial fanatical.
Type in the codes.
Obey the instructions.
Tuned to frequency.
Harmony discordant.
ecological forum - many and the few - pumpkin seeds, ink and watercolour
Ecological Forum -wayside branch

Obesity. So much borrowing liquidity pumped into red faced Banks, soon to burst like so many rivers around the world. T&Cs, rules and views apply.

Those who promote and portray the iconography of war are those who portray and promote war's iconography.
The remainder remain in memory, imagination and the fog of obfuscation.

The love of gold tarnishes all that it perishes.
At the end of the rainbow lies a tsunami.
the love of gold - clasp 

Banking Nature

Dominion eluded.
Anthropocene strata will tell.

We live in a society
with binary notions
of a singular world.

blackberries for picking silverdale

flimsy craft artworld passengers gulp
flimsy craft art-world passengers gulp

approaching a plate boundary fault line

figure - tumbling and falling - artwork

The State and associated commercial agencies protect uncovenanted property, despite distinct evolutionary advantages to the contrary.
Conservatives preserve antiquities.

Now, where are those glasses?

figures meeting - artwork

figures over and under motorway carriageway- artwork

The next crash.

When fear is pervasive,
the tone turns persuasive.

Soil Care.

Swooping low, lakes and rivers,
to farmhouse eaves, gathering swallows nest.
Festival dreams in
streams drawn,
stumbling across fields
and shaded trees,
Crucked roof tithe barn
Drums improvise,
a driving beat recalled.

Swooping low on lakes and rivers, to farmhouse eaves, gathering swallows nest

Concrete jungles are the decaying end trails of forest paths and walkways.

Pooh, Eeyore, Piglet, CR and Alice on topical Special Relationships - Illustration.
special relationship

       slide sequence - wing beat

       rhythm slides
Tracing Roots.
Dormant, stir, grow.
Rolled and trimmed.
Rounded up, shriveled.
Scorched, parched, desiccated.
Waterlogged, jaundiced.
Pulled up, wayside strimmed.
Provides beer, bread and pies.
Paths trodden. Men and flies.
Oats served and sown.
Foraged, plaited, stooped. Thrashed.
Stored, bailed, boiled and scythed.
Regimented heads swaying.
From the air spraying.
Transported, wrapped. Incarcerated.
To the landscape moulded.
Terrace flooded, drained and dried.
Fields of amber grain divide.
Creased linen, ironed, starched.
Mats, seats, hats, baskets, blinds.
Garden swathes, blades cut.
Clods, earth mounds, flowers.
Hay, straw, dew and floods.
Extremes respond in kind.
Always greener.
On the other side.

100% clean energy Iceland to Scotland - Disrupting Capital advises -
Ucsusa- EIHP Ucsusa- EIGP

Beware of those offeringsolutions, into which you may be dissolved.

Sustainable challenge.

May. Out in the cold. 

New Climate Film. Redux. Streaming.
Extended documentary.
Images. Narration. Accessible. Immersed.
Problem solved.
12 courses.
Grossing millions. Hallelujah.
Motorway tail lights merge.
Pointing one way.
Sparrow on the pavement.
Hare in the gate.

Creative Commons Licence
Robert J & Christine Maria Coleman 2017
close to the earth
a young girl
sings a lullaby
her own
refrain dies
bird song rises
woodland nearby

Coleridge's Rime - from poem descending
nor any drop
to drink

Sequestrated weapons returned to earth.
Metals, organic matter, fuel restored.
Distilled imagination released.
Tar, coal and oil to shells recycled,
to autumn composts reversed.
Circuits, grid patterns in mycelium clusters decline.
Plastic organics remain imbedded, volatile.
Screen mists in waterfall cascades eroding.
Wings in migration beating as one.
Whales and dolphin pods answer the call.
Coral colony fronds respond in kind.
Slates and chalks recorded.

unsustainable concrete abstraction - westquay esplanade
unsustainable concrete abstraction
               westquay esplanade
      desertification northern english farmyard style
               and out in the country

truth to tell
Tangled web.
Queen of Hearts, Judy,

bakes tarts
heading for the fayre.
King Punch steals those tarts.
Judy scolds, Punch disagrees.
Clapperboards will not rest.
Dog takes sausages.
Crocodile takes what's left.
Sly thief steals jewels & crowns.
Judy lies crumpled.
Punch drops down dead.
Crocodile smiles.
Puppet theatre curtain closes.
Gull lands on roof.
Spray flies in from the sea.

colemanco2 Instagram

Lancaster Streets
Saturday Afternoon.

Manchester - surfaces and reflection

Gods and monsters.
Boundaries breached.
Socratic reasons.
Hearing what is heard.
Seeing what is seen.
Environmental limits.
(Stuff & advert scenes,
cats, cars & punts)

Rounded in a sleep.

alone at sea

creative geographies 


ecology economy deficit

Regalia lies hidden.
Nods, winks and wiping faces.
Remain remarkably persistent.
From an early age selected.
Exchanging tribal loyalty tokens.
Looking after its own.
From the high chair on.

Preparing September Supper